Thursday, April 2, 2009

Has Anyone Seen . . . ?

Somebody has come and taken my baby child and replaced her with a child child. A little person. A little GIRL kind of person. Rather than some baby, she is a completely interactive person. If I look at her and say, "your yellow ball in behind you," she turns and looks for it! Behind her! The yellow ball!
If you walk into the room and say, "hi," she waves and says, "hiiiii." Or better, if you just walk into the room, she will welcome you without prompting.
If you ask her what the puppies say, she says, 'ruff!' (Well, her version of 'ruff,' but as her mother, I am here to translate and therefore verify.)
Hold her in front of you and ask her where your nose is. She'll point to it, touch it, and show you. Same with 'mouth.'
Give her a bite of something she likes and she'll sign to you that she wants more, while looking directly at you to make sure you are 'listening.'
Ask for 'big hugs' and she leans in and puts her face against yours.
I wouldn't advise asking for kisses, but if you do, kisses you will get. Good, wet ones. . . with tongue. If she's particularly happy with you, she'll even grab your face in her hands before licking indiscriminantly.


Sha and Michelle said...

lol - licks!! I think you mentioned in a previous post about Amelia being really close to the pups!! I'm sure/I'm praying that when I'm lucky enough to have kids that mine will be really close to each other!!! Until then I'm "stealing" Annie!

My cousin Annie is getting to a grabbing stage where I'm worried about my earrings and hair!!! I give her another month and then I will be very afraid - no big hoop earrings then!!!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Michael & Amie said...

She is sooooo cute!

Mary said...

I want to bite her cheeks - she is so cute!!!