Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Funny how traditions may be dormant for years and then a baby comes around and brings them back to life. Easter is hardly a day we've celebrated of late, but you can't let a kid have an Easter Sunday without a basket and goodies! Can't let spring disappear without meeting the Easter Bunny first! Maybe that's why we have children--to remember the tiny things that made life so enjoyable before grown up nonsense made us forget.

I assure you that what you see below are three separate pictures.

Even though they all look exactly the same.

WHAT is she looking at?!


Sha and Michelle said...

I was thinking about that just a few days ago because my aunt was pulling out Easter decorations! When Michelle and I were little we used to help our Mom deck out the whole living room for EVERY holiday - then we reached an age and we just didn't decorate anymore (except for Christmas).

Michael & Amie said...

Ok, she is just TOO precious. I'm loving the pigtails! And your Easter Bunny is WAY better than ours. :)