Saturday, August 25, 2012

Olympic Fever

I don’t know about you, but we got into the Olympics around here. Well, the girls and I did anyway. I relished in the opportunity to show both Amelia and Annie some seriously kick-ass women. I looked up the gymnastics, soccer, volleyball, and swimming events with women and DVR’ed them to show the girls during the day. Having grown up an athlete, I know how truly valuable sports are for young girls and how important it is to feel strong and powerful as a female. I really appreciate the Olympics for providing the best kind of chance to show the girls how awesome strong girls are!
Amelia absolutely loved the gymnastics. Of course. I did too! We learned all about the girl gymnasts and called them by name. Just like the rest of the country, she was mesmerized by their talent.

“She’s AMAZING.” Amelia whispered watching Gabby Douglas vault.
It was a solid 10 minutes that she watched the first gymnastics heat before she was inspired. The next thing I know, she’d put a blanket on the floor and was using it as her own vault. She’d run across the living room, put her hands down on the blanket, and . . . throw herself on the floor.
I really shouldn’t even try to explain it.

Annie served the part as supportive sister, who’d clap when Amelia was done. Both hilarious and sweet. But not to be outdone, Annie wanted in on the action.

She has tricks too.