Saturday, August 25, 2012

50 Things About Annie at 12 Months

*Note: I started this right after Annie’s birthday and just now posting. Some of these things have changed and I’ve noted the updates below.

1. Though born into the 90th percentile for size, she is now in the 39th for weight (19 pounds, 1 ounce).
2. She is 29 inches long, ten inches longer than she was at birth. (43rd percentile)
3. She has a smile reserved just for mischief.
4. She is a smart ass, already trying to get others to laugh.
5. She hates milk of any kind, in any form, at any temperature, with any flavoring added. Except breast milk. UPDATE: She likes Vanilla Almond Milk! Slowly mixing it with regular milk.
6. She’s still nursing. :/ UPDATE: She’s totally weaned! No issues whatsoever! :D
7. Annie sleeps with a glow worm given to me by a student the semester I was pregnant.
8. She does not like being changed.
9. She pulled herself into the tub, going over the edge head first. When I found her, she was sitting in the there smiling the above smile.
10. She tries to climb on and get into everything. (note the smile)
11. She pulls on her hair when she’s tired.
12. When she’s pulling on her hair, she makes a distinct noise, “uhhhhhhhhhhhh.” She also makes this noise when she plays with anyone else’s hair. Pulling hair is the only time she makes this noise.
13. She says a few words, like hi, hey, Dada, and Mama. She also has a word for dog, naturally. When she says hi, it’s “Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii” and “Heeeeyyyyyyyyyy”
14. She giggles when I make voices at story time.
15. When Annie gets excited, she squeals, gasps, and pants like a dog.
16. She loves to climb into her sister’s bed and to play in Amelia’s room. 
17. She is starting to play with a fork and spoon at meal time, pretending to eat with them.
18. She loves spicy foods.
19. She doesn’t love making signs with her hands to communicate, but it’s usually pretty obvious what she wants.
20. She has a goofy grin that she flashes just to be silly.

21. She ditches her friends to get close to the camera. ha
22. She has the same expression as her sister when people sing “Happy Birthday to her”
23. When she’s tired, Annie puts her head on my shoulder and tucks her arms under her chest.
24. She loves to dance.

25. She has 8 teeth.
26.  She loves, loves, loves blowing raspberries not just for fun but also in context when she dislikes something.
27. When she’s done eating, Annie very quietly holds her arm to her side and drops pieces of food to the floor. When you tell her to stop, she raises one eyebrow, smiles a tiny little grin . . . and drops it and starts giggling.
28. She is the fastest crawling baby I’ve ever seen.
29. She loves to be chased
30. She’s a good sleeper.
31. She is a trooper of troopers and can go longer past bedtime without melting down than . . . another little girl.
32. She hates shoes.
33. And refuses to have anything in her hair.
34. She walks.

35. Amelia is her favorite person and Annie squeals and laughs at everything Amelia does.
36. She cannot be trusted with goldfish because she’ll shovel ten in her mouth and try to keep them in her cheeks.
37. She mostly grunts and points when she wants to talk.
38. She runs, yelling “DADADADADA” when Justin gets home from work.
39. And only says “Mama” when she’s angry or upset, “MA-MMMAAAAAAAAAAA!”
40. Next to Amelia, Mollie and Luke are Annie’s favorites.
41. She sleeps either in fetal position or sprawled out on her back.
42. She has hardly any fear. And I’ve already caught her standing on chairs.
43. She does not love going to bed.
44. She thinks she’s totally charming.

45. Pancakes are her favorite.
46. She almost always insists on eating whatever is on my plate.
47. She is a complete smart-ass.
48. She’ll stop crying to giggle if you try to make her laugh.
49. She loves hugs and kisses.
50. She cries when we tell her No.

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