Monday, April 25, 2011


I haven't been very good about writing down the crazy, funny, brilliant things Amelia says throughout every day.  I started a book once and jotted things down until she stole the book and colored on every page. She's obsessed with writing lists (I have no idea where she gets it) so any little book lying around turns into Amelia's list book. 

In any case, since I'm desperately avoiding grading at the moment, here are just a few of the things she said today. 

Me, with a big smile on my face looking at A in the back seat: Hey Amelia (wait for her to look up at me). I Looooooooove you! 
Amelia: I want a snack. 

Me: We're going to get Megan a birthday present. Do you want to help me pick something out? 
Amelia: It's Megan's birthday? I would LOOOOOOOOOOVE to go to a party today!! 
Me: Well she's not having a party Honey. We're just going to the store to get her a little present. 
Amelia: Megan's getting presents for her birthday? 
Me: Yes, just a little something. 
Long pause. 
Amelia: I want a birthday. 

Me: Um, Amelia. What are you doing? 
Amelia: Me and Minnie are at the movies. 
Me: What's the paper? 
Amelia: It's our popcorn. Want some? 
Me: No thanks. 
Amelia: Shhhh mama, we're watching a movie. 

Me: I love you Baby. 
Amelia: Aw, thanks Mama. 

Me: Amelia, do you want to make the reservation for your birthday party? 
Amelia: Is my birthday party today? 
Me: No. It's still a few weeks away but we can go check it out and see if we like it. 
Amelia: For my birthday party?! Will there be yellow presents? 
Me: Let's just go check it out. (There and looking around) Do you think you'd like to have your little party here Punkin? 
Amelia: YEAH! This is going to be the BEST PARTY EVER! 

Me: Amelia can you please hand me the tape measure? 
Amelia: I can't Mama. I'm catching ants with this rope--to keep them from getting the dogs! 

Me: Amelia can you pick up your Easter eggs and jelly beans please? 
Amelia: No Mama. They're vitamins and we're hiding! 

Amelia: I need a snack. I need some jelly beans for snack. Ugh I'm full from jelly beans. I think I need a jelly bean to feel better. 

Amelia (wrapping her arms around me): I love you soooo much Mama. 

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