Monday, September 13, 2010

Wouldn't you know it?

Through a ridiculous series of events, we searched, visited, and enrolled in preschool over the last WEEK. Yeah. It was like THAT. (I shall reserve the story for a different kind of vent. Errr post. You can know, though, that we are super happy and confident that we will all be MUCH better off now.)

After the first cool day in months brought forth the embarrassing reality that the poor child has no fitting pants, we spent all weekend geting 'school' clothes. Then filing the paper work. And today scrambling to get a backpack that didn't have Dora, Elmo, or Cinderella painted across the bag in glitter (seriously, why does everything have to be licensed?! Can't they wait til they're at least 5 to be obsessive branding targets?) and a functional lunch pail.

It's been enough of a process that I've been able to avoid dealing with the nagging emotional avalanche behind my baby going to preschool.

Tomorrow's the big day. And guess what?!
She's sick! Already! Two visits in one week and the baby child is sick already. ((palm hitting forhead)) And the clothes, backpack, and lunch pail will have to wait.

And so too can the emotional avalanche awaiting the first day my baby goes to school.

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