Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 2

Day two in preschool was another success! I worried that if Amelia were to have separation  anxiety it wouldn't be on the first day, but instead on subsequent days. I figured once she realized that preschool means mom going away all day, then we'd have problems. So today was the test. She seemed excited to go to school again as we got ready and even on the way. Then we pulled into the parking lot, me wincing in anticipation of a meltdown. Nothing. And when she went inside, she sat down and went right to it with the other kids and the activity at hand--which, fortunately for Amelia, was snack time. I knelt beside her, told her I had to leave and to have a good day. She looked at me and said, "I love you. Have a good day mama." And there it was. Day 2.

On another note, I thought it would be a great idea to take a picture of Amelia every day before school.

It was a great idea--until I realized that she'd had a pee accident on the way to school. Ack. Then I'm stuck with what to do. Change her in the car? Take her inside? What about the picture? Why change in the car when there's a bathroom inside? Snapped the picture and took her inside. So yeah, here she is in wet pants, smiling that smile--the one just for the camera and her annoying mother. Poor thing. Look at her feet. Wet. Pants. Mama.

So stripping down to her naked baby form was not the smoothest way to start the day, but she rather enjoyed standing in front of her classmates (4 other 2-year-olds) and playing with her belly button for all to see. It was a rough start, but the rest of the day appears to have been great. When I picked her up, she was happily playing with a puzzle, looked up, and said, "Hi Mama!" The teacher told me that she had fun with the water table, made a hand print painting, and had an all-around fab day. Then she whispered, "She's just sooo sweet." To which I smiled and nodded and wondered what made her say that specifically, but figured it would be digging too much for praise to ask.

Although I did notice that she was wearing somebody else's pants when I picked her up. They were baggy around the waist and too short. ha. There was another accident on the playground. Boo.

But I've been saving the best for last. I was also informed this afternoon that Amelia . . . our Amelia Jane . . . the child who doesn't sleep anywhere but in her bed . . . the one who has to have her shades closed, sound machine on, and an entire gang of loveys . . .who won't even snuggle up in her parents' bed, EVER . . . fell asleep during nap time. On a mat. In a room full of other kids. Gang in tow.

And speaking of sleeping, I'll sign off with how I signed on this morning.

sleeping 2


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