Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Mobile History

First an update: The crib has been lowered. No prison breaks in this house. More accurately, if anyone's breaking out of this joint, it's me.

Flipping through my phone, I realized I have a whole story in my tiny mobile album. Sometimes you just don't have your camera with you. Or the baby just fell asleep in your arms and you can't move but really want a pic. Or you are in labor and left the camera in the car and your baby is far too impatient to wait for its retrieval. It happens. And pieces of our lives are stuck on a dadgum phone. Thank goodness for that dadgum phone, but there they are anyway.

*Note: I have asked for a real camera for a combo birthday/Mother's Day gift. If I get one, my point-and-shoot will always be handy in the diaper bag and perhaps we can move on from our grainy celphone album.*

In reverse chronological order, here is a story. Her story, our story. It starts off easy, people. But it gets dicey. Consider yourselves warned.

Last week. She is really starting to look like a little girl, no?

About a month ago. First time in the front of the cart! This was a HUGE milestone and has changed my life considerably. Before this, I could only purchase what I could actually carry while pushing her in the stroller. My shoulders may never recover. Such a big girl!

At the park around the corner. After rolling, before sitting.

Walking on a cold, winter day. Love that hat. Love that face.

Repeat blog appearance. I feel tired just looking at this picture. First time sleeping without being swaddled. After being up ALL night (the worst night since birth), she finally found her thumb the next afternoon. I love that thumb.

Morning after Thanksgiving. Around 5-ish and wishing Grammy good luck on her bargain hunting. Ginormous boob's appearance strictly an accident.

Around 3-4 months, Amelia really filled out. Cheeks first. They were just too much to hold up sometimes. Especially after eating. . . Oh.My.

In the Emergency Room, the night she was taken by ambulance. She slept in my arms like this the whole time we were there. Though I remained ultra calm that night, I promptly threw away that onesie as soon as we got home. It had some red drop stains on the front because we'd given her Tylenol that evening. To this day, I cannot give her medicine without holding a towel under her chin. If something drips on her shirt, I change it. I can't handle it.

Uh-oh. Preemie dress. Summer. Way too big. Look at those legs. . .Sniff.

Newly home. Before any signs of problems. I watched her sleep that entire first month. . .Getting. Harder.

The day she was born. On my chest. She stayed there. Never went to the nursery. This is how we slept the whole week in the hospital. She doesn't fit there anymore. . .choke

Born at 4:30, picture taken at 4:31. This is about the place I lost track of time and space. Don't remember seeing her here. Tiny angel. . .sob

Five days before A arrived, my foot did this. In about 10 minutes. I knew something was askew. Doctor said everything was fine. Still had 5 weeks to go. I had my doubts. See the bins in the background? Mom and I were organizing the baby's room, putting away clothes and whatnot. Thank goodness.

Last picture of Justin and I before A's arrival. We were in Tahoe for my bday. Thought we had another month. Camera's batteries were dead. If we'd waited another week, Amelia would have been born in the moutains.

This giraffe was our practice baby. He went in everything. Slept in the crib, sat in the car seat, the swing, and bouncer. Even walked around in the Jeep carrier with us. Now he just sits on her dresser. Poor giraffe.

April. I taught class at 7:30 am in Carmichael and then at 2 pm 4 towns over in Rocklin. I was tired a lot and driving a LOT. This day, Justin sent a text, "I was just thinking to myself i have a great life and that is because of you i luv u honey." I sent this pic back, taken on my way to the pm class with the message, "we luv u 2!"

The first picture I took with my new phone. My regular camera just couldn't get it right. Our first test barely showed a second line. Barely enough that we thought our eyes were tricking us. Justin had to go to work before I could get to the store for a second one. This is the one. I kept it in my pocket that day and did nothing but space out and look at it time and again. I set it where Justin puts his keys each day after work so he'd see it immediately. October 9th.

Maybe they're not so bad, cell phones.

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