Sunday, December 7, 2008

Miscellaneous Musings

It's a complete zoo in our house and to reflect the chaos that is our home, this blog will have no reason or structure.
Why the zoo, you ask?
Well, in addition to the spastic energy brought on by the holidays and the semester's end (synonymous in my world), Brother Luke had surgery the day after Thanksgiving. With lots of stitches, he can't be left alone without this:

Poor, sad Luke.
When we are home, we leave the nasty cone aside and prefer to keep him in a T-shirt:

Justin cut the neck and sleeves, so Luke looks more like the Hulk than the poor, sad puppy that he is.
Well, when you put a shirt on Luke, Sister Mollie, comes over, sits down, and looks at you like this:

So then you're left with only one choice:

Add in the baby-who-is-still-learning-to-sleep-without-restraints, and you've got yourself a nice cocktail of getmethehellouttathisjoint. Although, I do have to say that Miss A is some kind of mini genius or something because she has picked up on the sleeping adjustment quite well. We now catch her on her tummy, back, and most often, on her side sleeping. That left thumb is quite the life saver! The worst is over with that scenario, though I am sure we will start over when she learns to sit up on her own or stand in the crib. Oh and while I am thinking about it, did I mention previously that reflux babies need/prefer swaddling more than 'normal' babies? Add that to the Maniac Baby Syndrome with which Amelia is also afflicted and cast your judgments aside! lol.
And speaking of mini geniuses, did you know that our little maniac can do this?
Yes, she's been drinking out of a cup for over a month. She's pretty clever, that one. Maybe she spent all those months screaming for countless hours because she was smart enough to realize to whom she'd been born and the home she'd have to live with?
Her sitting up is coming right along. In fact, you can put it in the books: Sitting Up? Check!

If you know me one iota, you are thinking that this is an unusually pink outfit. You're right. It is. But if you see the whole thing, you'll know why I couldn't resist the ensemble when I saw it in *gasp* Costco.

Tell me she doesn't look like a forty-something crafty shopper in Michaels on coupon day with her baggy sweatshirt and leggings!
Oh and she did this today for the first time:

If you're going to put your foot in your mouth, you might as well go full gusto and do it half naked. Seriously, you could learn something from this kid.

Maybe we should put the mini genius thing on hold for a bit . . .

And lastly, just because she woke up like this and had a fabulous Sunday, I had to share.

What monkey on my back?
There really is no such thing as getting enough of that smile. It comes on in waves, and just when you think it won't get any bigger, her mouth opens, tongue goes out, nose wrinkles, and eyes close. It's the cutest farking thing I've ever seen.

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Mary said...

wow - she is just gorgeous!