Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dear Santa

As you know Santa, I have been a good baby this year. I have caused much alarm for Mommy and Daddy since about mid-May, but never because I was being naughty--I promise. I know that you've probably noticed my new fake cry and temper tantrums, but those are for fun and never used to hurt anyone. Yet. I am a baby with simple needs, Santa and I can't help it if I get upset when my toys are taken away. . . and by toys, well, you know that I am not picky as long as it fits into my mouth. I prefer the most dangerous 'toys' because they make my parents flail and yell. If I can't get anything scary to put in my mouth, I will take a really big and loud toy. I can sit up now and bang on things with other things (please make sure that the banging things can also fit in my mouth, friend.) I could also really use a smaller water bottle, Santa. They think I can drink out of this huge thing and well, they just don't know any better.

I think Mommy could also use some photography lessons this year. She tries and tries, but just isn't very good at getting my best face sometimes.
Speaking of Mommy, she wants for me to be off my meds soon, Santa. I like my medicine because it tastes so yummy, but sometimes my parents forget to give it to me and I have to scream at them, so maybe it would just be better if I didn't need it at all. You know, for their sake. Oh and Mommy also asked me to tell you that she really needs more regular sleep at night, but I honestly don't understand why that is so important to her. I do just fine without much sleep sometimes, so maybe we should just get her a haircut? Heaven knows she could use it, Santa.
Love, Amelia

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