Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Life and Times of a Six-Month Old

It's a special some one's half-birthday today! It's ridiculous how quickly the last two months have flown by. We have hit a really cool stage with Amelia--she is stable and sturdy to carry and set down, she can sleep much better (usually), she smiles and laughs, interacting all the time, and yet can't run away yet. She's still a baby but without so many of the stresses of newborns. It's so fun, being her mommy.
Now that she's 6 months old, it's time for Amelia to get down to this learning business. Not one for incremental learning, she rolled from back to front for a few days and then went straight to steam rolling. Three days after the first tooth appeared, it was followed by its twin. It also appears that at least one other tooth is sounding the horn and about to dock. (I say this because we were up last night for several hours again and miss half-birthday-girl has had a heck of a day.) She went from toppling in a second to sitting as a tripod overnight. Nothing gradual in this house! Might be time to baby proof. . .
As for my thoughts on this time. . . The teething cycle is really the stuff of legends. They cause misery long before they arrive and by the time you know what was causing the pain, it's gone, leaving mom and dad in a puddle of guilt for not knowing earlier and being more sympathetic. . . and then as soon as it's gone, the first symptoms are back and you find yourself wondering, "Is that another tooth? Or is it something else?" Just like with everything else, it's a constant guessing game and the answers are only revealed after the exam. . .
Life and Times. . .

Family Times (here with my beloved Aunt Sharon and Uncle Ray)

It's a Toof Life

The Sophisticated 1/2 year old

New Tricks

This is how we roll

Chairs are for punks!

Okay, so we're still working on this one
Friendly Tales

It's that time again!

Seriously Mom, this is totally for babies!


Michael & Amie said...

What great pics, she is too cute, I could eat her cheeks. Taylor, too is rolling from one end of the room to the other - fun times!

Cameron Eli said...

omg love her babylegs and her rolling pics !