Sunday, March 25, 2012

Breaking the Ice

So it turns out that being a working mother of two babies (under 4!) AND trying to have a single second to yourself is impossible. Impossible, I say. It’s been a rough 9 weeks since I went back to work.  I have not been alone once (not ONCE) outside of grocery runs since school started. I don’t know how mothering two has increased the work load so very much, but I find myself working almost nonstop on household chores.

The good news is that after an intense but brief bout with PPD, I am feeling back to myself in a lot of ways. I can’t explain it, but the clouds slowly began drift away and let me see the world in a broader view again. I am, at heart, an eternal optimist and for a while there, I just could not escape doomsday thoughts. I couldn’t get out of that head space to see things clearly or with any hope. Maybe I’ll talk about it more here some day. Maybe I won’t.

That’s not why I’m here today though. I am here, with an announcement.

You see this babychild? She’s 8 months old and as adorable as possible.



But she has places to go . . .



And despite that she doesn’t pull it all together on hand and knees yet, it became official today that she is crawling. Anticipation faded when I realized that she was getting across the room while I was waiting for her to crawl. ha. And the first thing she headed towards? Sister’s doll house of course. Where she was promptly reprimanded for stealing Sister’s toys. Bickering ensued. Even though Amelia has been begging for Annie to be big enough to play with her, she’s already annoyed by her baby sister’s presence at her treasured play space.

While she’s pulling herself around now, she’s probably less than a week away from the all-4 mode of transport. She’s up and rocking and reaching, just not all in the same direction at the right time. Amelia never actually made it to the all-4 method but army-crawled until she walked, so this is new. Kinda like everything else with this baby. Like how she hates baby food purees and insists on eating whatever is on my plate, spicy or otherwise. WTH? Or how she laughs at every little thing and wants nothing more than to be held by mama. All. The. Time.

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Monica said...

Precious! Seriously, I wanna hold that baby, and I will make my way up the hill and hope you're all free ;)

Glad to hear your fog is lifting.