Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Amelia adores her baby sister with her whole heart. I thought there’d be resentment and acting out, some selfishness and general hatred. Everyone warned me about her adjusting and how much sisters fight, blah blah. But so far, I’ve only seen love between the two. Amelia is constantly worrying about her ‘Baby Sis’ and always looking out for her. She loves to hold her hand in the car ‘to keep her company’ and talks to Annie in her special baby voice. And Annie? She turns herself inside out to follow her sister’s voice and her biggest smiles are for her big sister. It’s just too much. Our biggest concern about Amelia and her sister is that Amelia does too much. She wants to hold Annie and carry her around and gets in the baby’s face with too much gusto. Amelia is really an ideal older sibling, being such a careful (read: serious OCD), sweet, and sensitive kid. I couldn’t have asked for better for this moment when it comes to the baby.

Now I could go on and on about my girls all day because they have consumed my existence but I know that I’m seriously and biologically inclined to bias. So instead I’ll just post the pics I’ve been getting. None of these pictures were staged either. They all just happened and I had to run and grab my camera. :)




“She needs a blanket, mama.”



This makes her so happy. Even if it freaks BabySis out a little. lol


Taking care . . .


These are all of Amelia’s sleeping buddies. Very special belongings indeed.


Amelia asked us to wrap her up like BabySis


“You too, huh?” HA!



You can’t lay Annie down without Amelia supplying all necessary comfort objects ‘to make her more comfortable, mama.’


Do you see Annie looking at her sister?! My heart might just explode.


Too much for one mama.







I may never have had a sister . . . but now I have sisters. Be still my poor, bleeding heart.

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