Monday, February 8, 2010

The Gator

Amelia got the coolest gift from my Aunt Sharon and Uncle Ray recently.

It's the Gator. It's an actual vehicle that runs on a battery. Not like Duracells but like a CAR battery. It's awesome and seriously kicks some Barbie Jeep ass.
When the rain stopped for a minute, Justin ran her outside for the inaugural Gator run. He was giddy with excitement, already planning drag races with the neighbor toddler boys. To his disappointment, Amelia knows not one thing about using a gas pedal or stick shifter. He had to bend over and press the pedal with his hand, at which time, the Gator would take off and leave him in the dust and promptly come to a stop. Oh and also make Amelia giddy even as her head snapped back from the force of speed. While it was a sight to behold, it didn't fulfill the anticipation the Gator had built up since we heard it was traveling our way. It will soon enough, I'm sure.

However, the test run made a lasting impression on its driver. The weather has kept it parked but guess what happens everytime I try to get Amelia in the car to go somewhere??

Did you say going somewhere??? Cuz I have some places to GO!

Oh, but I need you to drive.

Take me to the open road.

And yes, I do realize that she will eventually hit the pedal and smash into the fridge in the garage.

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Mommy D said...

So, so cool!!! Lukey Duke has a quad kinda like that and he ADORES it! He tries to ride it through the house all the time... And oh to my joy, Brook just got one for her 1st birthday!! Joy, Joy! 2 weapons of mass destruction awaiting the summer sun!

Enjoy your ride Amelia :)